Lazy loading

Lazy loading options.


  • type: boolean or LazyOptions
  • default: false

See also Lazy-load translations.

Whether the translations should be lazy-loaded. If this is enabled, you MUST configure the langDir option, and locales must be an array of objects, each containing a file or files key.

Loading locale messages lazily means that only messages for currently used locale (and for the fallback locale, if different from current locale) will be loaded on page loading.


🚧 This feature is not implemented yet.

The value can also be set to an object instead of the value true to override configuration options related to lazy loading. Supports the following optional properties:

  • type: boolean
  • default: true

Whether the translation messages for the current locale should be injected into Nuxt state and re-used on the client-side. Read more.


  • type: string or null
  • default: null

A relative path to a directory containing translation files to load. Can be used with or without lazy-loading (the lazy option).

The path is resolved relative to the project srcDir (project root by default).

Absolute paths will fail in production (eg. /locales should be changed into either locales or ./locales)
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