Vue I18n message format compile options.


  • type: object
  • default: { jit: true, strictMessage: true, escapeHtml: false }

Configure flags that sets the behavior compilation of locale messages.

Supported properties:


  • type: boolean
  • default: true

Whether to use the JIT compilation of Vue I18n message compiler.

Mean that necessary to pre-compile locale messages that are not managed by the nuxt i18n module (e.g. in the case of importing from a specific URL, you will need to precompile them yourself.)And also, you need to understand that you cannot support use cases where you dynamically compose locale messages from the back-end via an API.


  • type: boolean
  • default: true

Strictly check that the locale message does not contain HTML tags. If HTML tags are included, an error is thrown.

If you do not want the error to be thrown, you can work around it by setting it to false. However, this means that the locale message might cause security issues with XSS. In that case, we recommend setting the escapeHtml option to true.


  • type: boolean
  • default: false

Determine whether to escape HTML tags if they are included in the locale message.

If strictMessage is disabled by setting it to false, we recommend enabling this option.