Extending messages hook

Nuxt hook to extend app's messages.

If you're a module author and want that module to provide extra messages for your project, you can merge them into the normally loaded messages by using the i18n:extend-messages hook.

To do this, in your module's setup file listen to the Nuxt hook and push your messages. @nuxtjs/i18n will do the rest.

This is particularly useful if your module use translated content and you want to offer to users nice default translations.


import { defineNuxtModule } from '@nuxt/kit'
export default defineNuxtModule({
setup(options, nuxt) {
nuxt.hook('i18n:extend-messages', async (additionalMessages, localeCodes) => {
en: {
'my-module-exemple': {
hello: 'Hello from external module'
fr: {
'my-module-exemple': {
hello: 'Bonjour depuis le module externe'

Now the project has access to new messages and can use them through $t('my-module-exemple.hello').

The custom module that is use i18n:extend-messages hook should be inserted before nuxt i18n module.
import CustomModule from './custom' // import your custom module
export default defineNuxtConfig({
modules: [
Because module's messages are merged with the project's ones, it's safer to prefix them.Main project messages will always override the module's ones.